The Steele Children’s Research Center is one of the University of Arizona College of Medicine’s nine centers of excellence.  More than 60 world-renowned physicians and scientists work in the Steele Center taking care of ill children and developing better treatments and cures for childhood diseases.


Diabetes is a designated top priority for the UA College of Medicine, along with cardiology, neurology and cancer.  Type 1 diabetes, formerly known as juvenile diabetes, is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood.  In Arizona, nearly twice as many children have type 1 diabetes compared to the national average.  Type 1 diabetes can be controlled, but not cured.  Complications are common and can be life-threatening.


With the support of Father’s Day Council Tucson, the Steele Center is able to provide better care for children with diabetes.  This year, money raised will allow Father’s Day Council to continue to help build a world-class pediatric endocrinology team, help advance basic research, and support the expansion of the TrialNet clinical trial in the Angel Wing for Children with Diabetes. In addition to this, Father’s Day Council will continue to build their endowment, ensuring the future impact of their efforts.


Father’s Day Council Tucson’s support is helping the Steele Center take better care of children in Arizona, and through medical research is helping to improve children’s health around the world.





In 2009, the Steele Center continued to expand its teaching, clinical care, and research programs in type 1 diabetes.




The Steele Center considers teaching the next generation of doctors a priority. In 2008, an endocrinology fellowship program was approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and Priti Patel, MD, joined the endocrinology team. Dr. Patel continued her fellowship at the Steele Center in 2009 and plans on becoming the Angel Wing’s fourth endocrinologist upon completing her program in the summer of 2010.


Clinical Care:


In January 2009, the Angel Wing for Children with Diabetes was awarded the American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Certificate for their diabetes self-management education program. The Angel Wing is now one of four ADA-recognized education programs in Tucson and is the only facility in Southern Arizona that focuses solely on children with diabetes and other endocrine disorders.


Funding from Father’s Day Council Tucson in 2009 also allowed the Angel Wing to bring a child psychologist onto the team. Type 1 diabetes is not only a physical burden for patients and their families, but a financial and psychosocial one as well. The support from the child psychologist is now giving families the tools needed to deal with the stresses of the disease.




Both basic science research projects and clinical trials are currently being conducted at the Steele Center. With the support of Father’s Day Council, Michelle Perfect is using continuous glucose monitors to study the effects of sleep on glucose levels in children with type 1 diabetes. Basic research is also being conducted to understand the effects of statins and dietary fish oil on the onset of type 1 diabetes.


In addition, TrialNet was introduced to the Steele Center in 2009, thanks in large part to funding from Father’s Day Council Tucson. The TrialNet Natural History study is a multi-center study that screens the relatives of individuals with type 1 diabetes and looks for evidence of development of the disease. The Angel Wing is currently the most active center for this study in the state of Arizona.


Finally, in 2008, the Steele Center and Father’s Day Council Tucson established the “Father’s Day Council Tucson Endowed Chair for Type 1 Diabetes,” a proud accomplishment for all. The endowment continued to grow in 2009, and approximately $500,000 has been raised. Father’s Day Council Tucson has committed to raising $1 million for the endowment by their 20th anniversary, in 2014.


The Steele Center gratefully acknowledges its 12-year partnership with Father’s Day Council Tucson, whose support has been instrumental in the growth and success of the diabetes research program.


To learn more about the Steele Center’s latest diabetes-related research, please visit our website at



Letter from Director


For more than a decade years, Father’s Day Council Tucson has supported the Steele Children’s Research Center in its passionate endeavor to improve the lives of children in Arizona and across the United States living with type 1 diabetes.


I am proud of the legacy created by Father’s Day Council Tucson.  FDC support enables our researchers to continue the vital work of solving the mysteries of childhood diabetes. With support from FDC, the Steele Center is a leader in type 1 diabetes research.


Type 1 diabetes is a terrible disease that is inflicted upon too many of our children. I am deeply grateful to Fathers Day Council Tucson for its dedication to finding a cure for diabetes, and thus helping children all over the world who will ultimately benefit from the research.




Fayez K. Ghishan, MD


Horace W. Steele Endowed Chair in Pediatric Research


Director, Steele Children’s Research Center

Professor and Head, UA Department of Pediatrics